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Review – Willie Tee Anthology

As long as Willie Tee’s music has been a staple of Carolina Beach Music, it’s hard to believe that he only found out how popular his music was in “Beach Music Land” 2005! Thank the Good Lord he was able to be honored for his...

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Review – Rhonda McDaniel

From her formative years to today, music has been an integral part of Rhonda McDaniel’s life. A veteran of the road, performing with different bands, she has just released her debut solo CD on KHP Music. This self-titled project...

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Review – Got it Bad For You

The latest release from The Holiday Band on Ripete solidifies why they have been a fan favorite for several years. This CD shows off the writing talents of Mike Taylor and Duane Neese as well as the vocal talents of their four...

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Review – Island Soul

Man, I like Rick Strickland. He is one talented guy. He recently sent me a copy of his newest CD and then called to talk to me about it. Island Soul was released on KHP Records on April 5, along with all the other “just in...

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Review – King Tyrone CD

The long awaited and anticipated self-titled debut CD from these nocturnal swamp dwellers has finally been emancipated and available on KHP Music. Of the ten songs on this CD, nine are originals. “Mama’s Drinkin’ Liquor Again”...

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Review – Legends of Beach

What do you get when you take five former members of one of Beach Music’s legendary bands, The Embers: Embers co-founder Jackie Gore, veteran members Gerald Davis (who was The Embers musical director for many years) and Johnny...

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Review – Coast to Coast

Just in time for SOS, KHP Music in association with the great members of The National Association of R&B Dee Jays has released his fourteen track compilation for your dancing and listening pleasure. “Hey Mr. Dee Jay (Spin A...

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Review – Forever Summer II

Not being a company to rest on their laurels, KHP Music has released this fifteen-track compilation that has some of the best beach, boogie and soul music these ears have heard. I don’t have a crystal ball, but it’s...

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