First Beach Music Show?

My First Experience I am pretty sure the first beach music artist I saw live in person was the Band of Oz in Raleigh. I seem to remember seeing them at a corporate function that I was working at when I was in college. At the time, I don’t think I knew it was beach music, but learned the term…

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We did it! – Thank YOU Beach Music Friends!

I was so excited to see the Beach Music Online Page on Facebook hit 5000 likes this morning. I have been pushing it along with the help of Jim Quick & Coastline and the Band of Oz to get to this big milestone of 5000 Likes. I realize not everyone in the beach music world is on facebook. I have…

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Beach Music Scene – Summer

The Summer Edition of Beach Music Scene Magazine is out! Featured Artist this month is the Band of Oz. You may read some things that you didn’t know about BOZ. We had a great interview with Curtiss Carpenter, DJ and Co-Founder of the CBMA. There are several great articles included in this summer edition of the magazine. Pick up your…

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Some Event News for You.. FREE BEER!

Big Events You Should Plan to Attend JR SOS is in NMB This Week – Band of Oz is at the Galleon NMB Wednesday Night the 16th of July Sunday the 20th of July – Band of Oz – The Fantastic Shakers and Legacy is at TJ’s Night Life Coastline is at the Home of the Fat Man Thursday Night…

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Do you remember when…

When was your first SHAG…experience? Do you remember the first time you saw someone dancing the official state dance of South Carolina? Who gave you your first shag lesson? Do you remember the first time you went out on the dance floor and shagged? Did you shag with a stranger, your partner or a professional? Pin It


What is Beach Music in 3 Words or Less?

I know it is one of the hardest things to define when talking to people that have never heard “Beach Music”. Many of have our own definitions. I have heard several people say.. “When I hear it, I know it!” I was thinking about this again this morning.. What would your answer be to this question…. if you only could…

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