Favorite Lyrics in Beach Music

I was on twitter this morning and saw a trending hashtag #MyFavoriteSongLyrics and thought about some of my favorite lines in beach music songs. I have done a couple of posts like this before on Beach Music Online. So here is another blog post posted this morning and see what the beach music world is thinking about today. I will…

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Tuesday Again! Next Up!

SOS Midwinter Party is behind us! What a Party! Lots of great dancing and lots of great bands.. Spring Safri is right around the corner.. but first.. a bunch of stuff is coming up first. Valentine’s Day Weekend The Galleon has 3 of the best Bands in the business – click here JQ & Coastline is in Burlington – click…

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Hello 2015!

Back to work? The Holidays are over and it is back to work Monday for most of the people in the work force. Some of you may have had to go back on Friday. I just want to tell everyone THANK YOU for all the support you have given me in 2014.. I hope you continue to check out…

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Jim Quick & Coastline

Tuesday – Jim Quick Times 2

Today is the last show of the year for The Crossover with Jim Quick at Shag City USA. Join us Tuesday at 10AM on The Team at Shag City USA and The Crossover with Jim Quick wish you a Happy New Year! Tonight at the Spanish Galleon – The Entertainers take the Stage! Thanks Facebook Friends! Check out the…

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Christmas Beach Music Songs

If you were the DJ… What would you be playing during the Christmas Season by beach music artists? I realize that opens a big controversy.. who is beach music and who is not? Is the song beach music or simply a Christmas song or carol? It doesn’t matter.. I would love to see what you are listening to or want…

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New Year’s – Spanish Galleon

Line-up for The Galleon is HOT! click image to get advance tickets at Click here to order advance tickets for all the events at the galleon Pin It


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