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Beach Music Online started simply as a links page to link to all the bands for Coastline Band’s website. That was the first band website I started with. Jim Quick kept told me I might make a bunch of money doing websites for the beach music industry. I am still waiting on that…

Over the years I have added a lot to the site. Some features have changed, some have been removed. Many of my photo galleries have managed to be featured on other sites that I promote. I started a CD store at several years ago. The site has grown quite a bit. The site is now tied into Southern Soul as the source for beach music and southern soul CDs.

I used to get a lot of emails asking, “Where can I listen to beach music on the Internet?” there are a lot more options now than there were when I first launched this website. Of course there is THE radio station in Myrtle Beach. They have 24/7 radio streaming live.

I happen to like what they are doing over at featuring 2008 2009 2010 CBMA Nominee and 2011 Winner for best Internet Radio Show.

Also Try out the New Social Radio Network – Shag City USA




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