Have you seen my T-Shirt? I was reminded of this top ten list on the back of it, recently after getting some feedback on my Webguy logo. The logo was designed by Casey from Coastline and I have received a tremendous amount of compliments over the last 8-9 years ( Can’t remember exactly when I had it designed by Casey). You have probably looked at a lot of his work and not known it. I think the Coastline tour schedule keeps Casey pretty busy. You will have to ask him when you see him if he is still doing graphics work.

Anyway… Here is the top 10 list on the back of my T-Shirt

Top 10 Reasons to Do it With the Webguy

10. He is only a Click Away
9. Got MilK? He’s Got Cookies
8. Why Google when you can Webguy!
7. He can link you up!
6. URL Holler for MORE
5. His Hard Drive Never Crashes
4. He will Webmaster your Domain
3. You Will Like His Pop-Ups
2. He Will Email you in the Morning

and the Number One Reason to Do it with Bo the Webguy is BeachMusicOnline.com


Beach Music Online has been the one of the top sites for beach music information for over 10 years. The Beach Music Band Schedule page sends thousands of fans to beach music artists every month. Do you have a Beach Music related product, whether its a band looking to get more gigs, a product you are trying to sale, a service you are trying to gain clients or an event that you are trying to promote and attract an audience? If its beach music, you need to be working with me, BotheWebguy.

I would like to give you a sneak peak on a new project I am about to launch – it is still in development and the product I am offering is still being tweaked. BeachMusic.co Websites from Bo the Webguy.

If you would like to get one of these websites, let me know on the BeachMusic.co contact form