Hello fellow CBMA Members and Supporters! It is Friday and Ocean Drive is experiencing a clear blue sky at the moment. It is a little chilly, but don’t let that stop you from getting into the fun! There are so many events today. It will be hard choosing where to spend your time. Have a blast out there and hope to see you out and about! Don’t forget to submit your entry in to the Pick 2 Contest at the bottom of this page. You could win stuff!

CBMA Weekend Line-Up

Nothing from Friday January 22nd, 2021 to Monday February 22nd, 2021.

If you want to see the CBMA Weekend Flyer – Click here

Pick the Winner Contest

Pick 2 Winners and their category for the CBMA. For Example, You may pick “LIVE Production Award – John Brady” as your first pick and “William Sellers for Birmingham – Song Writer” as your second pick. I will take all the accurate projections and draw from the list on Monday, November 13th. To be valid, both picks must announced as the winners on either Saturday or Sunday this weekend. If you need help with Categories and Nominations, click here for 2017 CBMA Nominees.

The Winner will receive a Prize Package from BuyBeachMusic.com worth $50+.

Entries must be submitted before Saturday, November 11th at 3pm. You can enter once per day up 5 Times. ( 5 Days – 5 Entries), but you can’t enter the same category on more than 1 entry. Good Luck!

Submit your entry.

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