I’m stealing this (2sday) idea from Mike Worley, he is the guy about to go on the air at 94.9 The Surf. Do you listen to The Edge Radio Show with Mike Worley? YOU SHOULD! The show is on Weekdays from 11am to 3pm on 949thesurf.com and 94.9 FM in the Grand Strand Area. Mike has been nominated for CBMA FM Radio DJ of the Year and his show was also nominated for Radio Show of the year.

Back to 2sday

A lot of DJs play double shots on Tuesday. I am sure you have heard more than one of them say 2 for Tuesday! I would like to know what 2 songs you would play if you had control of the station or DJ Booth or Internet Website Software.

What is your “2 fer Tuesday” Song Selection?

Name a Beach Music Band and the 2 songs by that band you would play on your double shot today.