Do you shag? If you are a fan of beach music then I am guessing you have probably at one time in your life, stepped out on the dance floor and started doing that 1 and 2, 3 and 4,  5-6. If you haven’t tried in public, you probably tried it at home so no one could see you…. Whether you are a pro, amateur,  or simply a beach music lover… I am guessing you appreciate our Official State Dance of South Carolina and Official State Popular Dance of North Carolina.

My question for you today is… “Who taught you the Basic Step?” Did you take lessons, learn from a friend or simply teach yourself from watching? Tell me..( and the other thousands of  beach music online readers) who taught you the Shag Basic Step?

If you teach.. tell me some steps missing from this list “Shag Steps

Who taught you the Basic?

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