Tonight at Fat Harold’s Beach Club in the Back room is the kickoff party for the CBMA! Come and get some of Jack’s Famous Chicken Bog. Come hang out with the locals and others that have come in early for the Big Weekend. Jason the Judge and 94.9 The Surf will be there tonight with a Live Remote. Billy Cook and Jay Kinlaw will be spinning the tunes at the Fat Man’s House! Many of the events are free and open to the public on Wednesday, Thursday and even Friday during the day. Some events will require a CBMA pass or you may be asked to pay a cover charge.

CBMA Schedule of Events

Nothing from Saturday October 20th, 2018 to Tuesday November 20th, 2018.

If you want to see the CBMA Weekend Flyer – Click here

Pick the Winner Contest

Pick 2 Winners and their category for the CBMA. For Example, You may pick “FM Radio Station – WSGE 91.7 Dallas” as your first pick and “Club and Mobile DJ – John Barkley” as your second pick. I will take all the accurate projections and draw from the list on Monday, November 13th. To be valid, both picks must announced as the winners on either Saturday or Sunday this weekend. If you need help with Categories and Nominations, click here for 2017 CBMA Nominees.

The Winner will receive a Prize Package from worth $50+.

Entries must be submitted before Saturday, November 11th at 3pm. You can enter once per day up 5 Times. ( 5 Days – 5 Entries), but you can’t enter the same category on more than 1 entry. Good Luck!

Submit your entry.

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