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“Beach” Songs

It is a Beautiful Day in 29582! I have got the best music in the world playing on the radio and just heard “Mr. Beach”. Of course, you would expect songs in the beach music genre/lifestyle to include the word “beach” a lot… I want to know on this Friday..”How many songs we could come up with “Beach” in the title of the song?” Name a Song with “Beach” in the title – Try not to duplicate. I will start the list. Feel free to add the song again if you can name a different artist that recorded the...

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Where were you?

The Official State Dance of South Carolina is the Carolina Shag. There are many stories of how it got started and where it got started. I know a lot of people that will say the first time they were exposed to shag dancing was at Fat Harold’s. I am positive all the clubs on Main Street Ocean Drive probably have helped introduce many shaggers to the community. I know there are a lot of great clubs ( past and present) that have helped build awareness for the dance and music we all love. I have a couple of different...

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Name a Festival with Food in the Title

It was another BIG weekend in Little River, SC with the Blue Crab Festival. 4 Great Bands, a Lot of Good Food and TONS of People everywhere. Angela got some cool stuff for the office yesterday. This question came to my mind this morning… How many festivals are named with any kind of food in them? YES!!! Blue Crab is FOOD! It doesn’t matter what kind of music is being played or if any live acts are playing at all.. Use the Comments section to Name the Festival and City or town location if you can…I know there are...

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Beach Music Friends

There was a lot of buzz on the First Shag Lesson a couple of days ago here on the website and on facebook. We reached over 19000 people with that post. Thanks for all the comments. I chatted with Don Bunn last night and he mentioned it was great reading the messages from his students. I really liked some of the stories that people shared. If you missed them, head back over to the post from Wednesday on Basic Shag Step. If you are in (or can be in) the Georgetown, SC area tonight, Go by and hang out...

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